Migration Services International

Migration Services International is a leading provider of migration services and advice. We are based in Perth, Western Australia servicing a range of Australian and multinational clients as well as individuals. Our experienced migration team is led by Tim Harper, Director, MARN 0318596.

Corporate Migration

We take a commercial view of the provision of migration advisory services. Migration Services International provides advice and services for the preparation and lodgement of applications as well as the provision of advice regarding visa options, sponsorship obligations and migration compliance matters. By utilising our years of specialist corporate migration experience we assist our clients by providing real solutions to ensure that they utilise the migration system in a commercially viable way.

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Independent Migration

Migration Services International assists individual and families with permanent residency visa application and migration advice.

We have been providing migration advice and services successfully for Australia across a range of visas include:

  • Skilled migration
  • Partner visas
  • Parent and family visas
  • Business and investor visas

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